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Drawing update.
So.. I haven't really done much at all lately on deviantart. My last journal was back during spring break and about how I was starting a series with a bunch of people. That series was basicly dropped (or put on hold) because of the lack of references and plot issues. Basicly with the plot/setting that I wanted to use a lot more planning was going to go into it than just a one-shot type thing. I might just have to write it out before any further drawing is going to be done. Also I was looking through my shelf and found this reference page and fell in love with my old traditional style for a series I was planning to do.  If you've seen the newest pic I've posted that's basicly a digital version of the style I use to use. I'm going to post some pics of updated references next to the older references once my scanner decides to work. So look foward to more "Monochrome Butterfly" stuff. :P
Personal update.
School is starting up soon and I was planning to get a job but since I got a little kitten at home I'm not going to be able to do that. (says my bro's mum) But I'll see how much free time I have now that I might actually have homework {I'm taking higher level classes this year} ... Oh and I might get a car sometime this year. That's basicly it. x3x


United States

I'm known as Gellyy or Jamm from iscribble.
I like to do a lotta stuff so I'm usually busy, sick or lazy. I hope to get things done eventually so I'll try my best.


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